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Wedding Photography at the National Mining Museum | Stacy & Murray

It’s not often these days that I get to work at new venues…having been doing this thing called wedding photography for quite a few years now, usually, it’s back to the same places more often than not. So, for Stacy & Murray’s big day, was great to get to (if you include the bridal prep) four new locations all in the one day – Newbattle Abbey College for the reception (after the bridal prep), The Sun Inn in Dalkeith for the wedding breakfast and, finally, the National Mining Museum for the evening reception…never let it be said that I don’t get around :-).

One question that I get asked from time to time, mainly from brides (but also grooms), is how they as a couple can get the best from their wedding photography on the day and my answer is the same every time – it’s not about learning the best poses, how to smile without looking cheesy or anything else like that for that matter – my answer…”enjoy yourself and have a bloody good time”!!! Nothing makes your wedding pictures “sing” than if you are having an absolute blast…and that was very much the case with Stacy & Murray’s day…you can just tell from the pictures!

Wedding Photography at Seamill Hydro | Moira & Vinny

Back at the start of June, I set out for  what was to be the first of three visits to Seamill Hydro in as many months, and what a stunning location it is :-). The reason…Moira & Vinny’s wedding day. But, to kick things off, and with no bridal prep shots for me this time around, it was down to the University of Glasgow chapel first up for the ceremony before the drive west to Seamill.

At this time of year, with daylight hours continuing through to long after I’ve finished for the day, I never have an issue with doing the bride & groom photo-shoot after the wedding breakfast and, let’s just say, this time around it played in our favour. Post dinner, long gone were the grey skies under which we had shot all the family and wedding party groups, to be replaced by some glorious early evening sun…perfect for those shots down on the beach…and some balloons…as you do :-).

Wedding Photography at Sherbrooke Castle | Sarah & Ross

Part two of my end of May wedding “double header” took me back to Sherbrooke Castle for the second time this year – funny how things go sometimes, I hadn’t been to Sherbrooke since, let me think, 2011 perhaps, and then it’s twice in the space of a few months…like busses as the saying goes.

Sarah & Ross were blessed with an absolutely gorgeous day weather wise, as you can see from the pictures, very much like the day we’d done their pre-wedding shoot in trying to create the date of their wedding with sparklers on the, would you believe, longest day of the year – good planning Mike…didn’t really think that one out did I, as we stood around waiting and waiting on the shores of Loch Lomond for the light to fade sufficiently – I think it was close to 11pm before we got the shot. Here it is by the way for anyone interested…

Wedding Photography at the Eglinton Arms | Heather & Anthony

Well it’s been a few weeks since I last posted on the blog but, hey, I’ve been off on my hols and then spent a few weeks looking after the kids during the school holidays – honestly, sometimes I think it’s an easier job shooting weddings! But, I’m back and delighted today to be picking up where I left off and sharing some images from Heather & Anthony’s wedding that I shot back at the end of May, the first of a “double header” that I had that weekend.

The guy’s ceremony took place at the Holy Trinity & All Saints Church in Coatbridge  before heading up the road to the fabulous Eglinton Arms Hotel for the reception, my second visit there and, very much like the first time, blessed with some glorious warm sunshine :-).

Wedding Photography at the Alona Hotel | Nicola & William

Wedding season really starting to kick into gear now folks and, a few weeks ago, I was out and about with Nicola and William at the Alona Hotel in Strathclyde Park for their big day. First visit for me to the Alona although, as is customary, I had done my usual recce a week or so beforehand, just to get a feel for the place and scout out a few good spots for photography – of course, the weather on the day dictates a lot and best laid plans and all that can easily go out the window on the day…but it helps to be prepared all the same :-).

Fortunately, no weather problems this time around, unless of course you count the glaring sun beating down on us all day long – great for guests but for me, always sends me looking for shade, as no one wants pictures with folk squinting at the sun!

Very much a day for capturing the moment rather than all the fancy bride & groom shoots that I do but, that’s the way I like it, as I want couples to spend their day the way they want to, not the way I want to…my job is to ensure that, whatever you want from your day, the photography reflects that.