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Jack Frost Nipping At Your Nose:
A Spot of Children’s Photography in Falkirk

Been a while since I took any new pics of Matthew, having been so busy with wedding season and that, so thought it about time to put that right. So, quick trip to Callendar Park this morning, armed with new scarf, hat, gloves and football. Matthew’s never been an easy subject to shoot – certainly won’t stand and pose that’s for sure, so always best with him just to let him do “his thing”, stand well back and, well, shoot.

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Choosing a Wedding Photographer:
Sorting Through the Minefield

So, where to start? So many photographers, so many different styles, some expensive, some less so…hard isn’t it? Here’s my take on the subject…all my own personal views of course but I hope it helps somewhat.

You Get What You Pay For

First up, and I’m preparing to be shot down in flames here, don’t scrimp on your photography budget. Sure, you’ll have a budget to work to but, please please, do try and stretch it as much as possible, even if that means cutting back elsewhere. Now, of course, as a photographer, you might expect me to say that, but I’ve lost count of the number of times at I’ve heard stories of couples who tried to work to a small budget for photography and then been seriously disappointed with the results.

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Olympic Torch Relay

The Olympic Torch Relay passed by the end of my road today and it would have been wrong of me not to take a wander down and have a look…with camera in hand of course.

Here’s a few pics.

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Falkirk Portrait Photography:
Matthew’s 2nd Birthday

Amazing how quickly time moves on – doesn’t seem that long ago that Matthew was still crawling around on the floor, and now look at him, two years old, can’t sit still for two minutes and plenty to say for himself! Yours truly had managed to get hold of some tickets to see Coldplay at, dare I say it, the Emirates Stadium – yes folks, you heard correctly, that’s me, staunch Spurs fan, actually going into enemy territory – booked myself in for a full exoricsm when I got home though! Anyway, I digress.

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And For Something Completely Different…
Glasgow Street Photography

You know, every now and again, it’s a great idea to break out and try something different, like another genre of photography other than weddings and portraits. The truth is, I love photography in general, not just one specific area, although for business purposes it does help naturally to specialise in one genre, but that doesn’t mean excluding everything else.

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