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Really slap bang in the middle of wedding season at the moment so trying my best to keep the blog updated...and failing badly (usually). Anyway, grumbles aside, today I am very pleased to be sharing with you some images from Nicola & Simon's fantastic day at the wonderful Glenskirlie Castle back in May. I've shot at Glenskirlie many many times now and it's a fabulous venue, both inside and out, and thank goodness for inside as the weather on the day was pretty awful - the pictures tell their own story!

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I've never missed a wedding yet through illness, but Alexis & Ben's wedding at the fantastic Brig o' Doon was the closest I've ever come to not making it. 24 hours earlier, I was lying in bed, struck down with some kind of virus and pretty much unable to get up - boy, was I worried! Still, amazing what a good night's sleep and plenty of antibiotics can do - morning of the wedding and, whilst it would be fair to say that I wasn't at the top of my game, I'd recovered sufficiently enough to set off for Ayrshire.

Isn't it true that they say that laughter is the best medicine - well, thank goodness then for Alexis and Ben and their family and friends - what an unbelievable day! Guys, you were all such a pleasure to photograph - hardly any input needed from me at all; you just did your thing and it looked great, allowing me to get some fantastic shots. And all to the backdrop of the stunning Brig o' Doon - always been one of my favourite venues :-).

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So as I sit here typing up this blog post, I’m about to enter into the first of my triple headers for this year – yes, that’s three weddings to shoot on three consecutive days, and I have that three times this year…will definitely need a holiday after all those :-). All this makes May my second busiest month of the year – last month was pretty busy too, busy for April anyway and included Melissa & Colin’s fantastic day at Orocco Pier in South Queensferry.

It’s fair to say that I probably find myself in South Queensferry with camera in hand more than any other location – it’s a favourite for couples doing their pre-wedding shoot and, when it comes to weddings, Orocco Pier is fast becoming one of my more popular venues, this being my third wedding here in as many months..and you can see why, with the views over the Forth Bridges and the old town charm of South Queensferry itself with its cobbled it!

It’s kind of strange but I've actually done some photography with Melissa before – a few years back when I was dabbling around in the world of fashion/portrait photography, she came along with her friend Catrina (her bridesmaid on the day) to do some shots around Callander Park – funny how things turn out sometimes.

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It's amazing how much the weather can change in a couple of months. Back in February, there we were going Rochelle and Callum's pre-wedding shoot at Blackness Castle in bitter cold, wind and rain...and here we were on their wedding day in glorious sunshine and relative warmth (I didn't come home with the customary red forehead so I know it wasn't blazing hot) - all hail to the powers that be I say!

I'm a great believer that, when it comes to photography, and wedding photography at that, what you put in is what you get out. In other words, relax, enjoy your wedding day, have a blast, don't stress over anything and, trust me, it will show in the photographs. In my book, a photograph of a couple really enjoying themselves on their wedding day will always win hands down over an intricately posed to the hilt image, where the couple look just plain bored with the whole thing. Sure, there is a place for some stylized images but, for the main part, I really want the enjoyment of the day to come over in the images...and it certainly did this day.

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So, this pushing out two blog posts on a Wednesday is becoming quite the thing for me - two last week and now two this week - I need to break these bad habits...and I'm working late shift again to boot. But, needs must as it's a busy time of the year for me with 8 weddings this month alone, which include a double header (just this weekend gone) and a triple header (I kid you not) at the end of the month.

So guys, this fine Wednesday evening, I'm delighted to share with you some images from Michelle & Steven's wedding at my local venue, Glenbervie House, back in March. I do love shooting at Glenbervie, and not only as it's just five minutes up the road :-). But, this time, I also got to sample the amaze-balls that is the Coach House where all the guys were getting ready from. I've never been here before and the place is stunning - the perfect place to start your big day! And , from a personal point of view, brilliant for photography - even doing the detail shots, for once I had an absolute ton of room to move around :-).

Even though the Coach House is but a short hop to the main building at Glenbervie, the girls had a car arranged for the trip - wise given the circumstances of swirling wind and rain and, hey, you just know it's going to be a good day when the car with Michelle in came up the drive back-lit by a rainbow..and that doesn't happen too often trust me!

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