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The “Ultimo” Collection…the “lowdown”…and a wee offer!

So I woke up this morning and the thought occurred to me, as it does, that it’s not always that easy to tell the differences between the wedding collection that I offer, especially the albums, just from the pdf brochure that I send out to all new potential couples. A but more “blurb” is perhaps called for so that you lovely people can see exactly what you get, kicking off today with my top of the range “Ultimo” collection.

And, in the hope that you choose to read on, I’m accompanying this with a limited offer exclusively on this collection, and you’ll find all the details at the end of this post :-).

Haining House Wedding : Claire & Frankie

So, yep, I agree, it does seem odd to be talking about “Christmassy” weddings at the start of summer (although looking out the window at all the rain at the moment you wouldn’t think it), but, that’s kind of the way my blogging rolls folks. I shoot the wedding, get a few quick previews up in a few days, then roughly 4-6 weeks before I have all the pictures edited for the guys and only then can I put it in the queue to blog! So, look out for my summer weddings this Christmas then :-).

Claire & Frankie’s wedding at Haining House in Selkirk was to be my first visit there (and only visit to date, although I am back in August)…but you know that I love a new venue! In fact this was the first time I’d ever ventured south to Selkirk full stop but, hey, I’ll travel anywhere to shoot a wedding – heck, I’ve only just come back from a wedding in Northampton..does that make me a “destination wedding photographer” then LOL.

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Lochside House Wedding : Gillian & Ross

If you’re a regular visitor to my blog (you know who you are), then you’ll probably be aware that this here is part two of my Lochside House wedding “double header” weekend  – yep, two weddings at the same venue on two consecutive days…what are the chances? It’s that kind of thing where you even give the restaurant staff a touch of “deja vu” when you go in for your break and they look at you like “weren’t you here yesterday”…but they’re not really sure LOL. Heck, I even got sat at the same table as the day before!

Anyway guys, what can I say about Gillian & Ross’ big day? Well, firstly, the weather played ball again – glorious…probably as good as you could expect for November, providing some early evening dramatic skies for us to work with when it came to our couple shoot :-). 

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Lochside House Wedding : Lindsay & Stephen

So here’s the thing guys, I rarely now shoot two weddings over the weekend, having made a conscious decision some time ago that, well, we all need at least one day off per week for some family time etc :-). So, with weekend “double headers” being a rare thing for me these days, even rarer is to be doing that in the very same venue! Yep, two days running at the fabulous Lochside House Hotel…what are the chances?

First up then, it was great to be out on part one shooting Lindsay & Stephen’s big day, and also to catch up with a few familiar faces who’s weddings I’d also shot in previous years 🙂 – thank you again guys…you know who you are! I guess it’s one of the best endorsements you can get when friends of the bride & groom then go on to ask you to shoot their own big day…and natirally I’m always forever grateful.

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The Caves Wedding : Gemma & Edward

More fabulous wedding stuff for you today folks and, this one I am delighted to be sharing with you…Gemma & Edward’s big day at The Caves, Edinburgh from last November.

So here’s the thing, shooting at The Caves is one of those tricky balancing acts. It’s dark and very atmospheric – just take a look at the shots below. So, you want to keep that atmosphere in the shots but, at the same time, not provide too much of your own lighting that it lights up the place like a nuclear explosion!!! So, the order of the day is very much one of using the low light capabilities of my cameras but just adding a wee blip of my own flash light to separate the guys from the background. It’s definitely not a place for the novice shooter to cut his or her teeth :-). But I just love it…

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