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Wedding Photography at Oran Mor, Glasgow | Siobhan & Eoin

My 30th wedding of the year was part two of a wedding “double header” weekend and took me back to a couple of “old haunts” (if that’s the right word to use)…namely the University of Glasgow chapel for the ceremony and then onto Oran Mor for the reception – the reason…Siobhan & Eoin’s wedding day :-).

Now, I love my Canon 70-200mm lens – yep, that’s the big white one that gets in really close even when shooting from a distance. And boy do you need it in the chapel at Glasgow Uni, as they have a ruling where us photographers are consigned to a seat half way back down the chapel, although if you have a videographer (as the guys did) you’re in luck, as oddly they are allowed the shoot from up front. So guys, anyone reading this, if you’re getting married here in the future, do check that your photographer is well equiped for the job.

So here’s the thing, and unexpected as it was, the rain that hadn’t stopped at the previoius days wedding and also on the morning of Siobhan & Eoin’s big day, suddenly…stopped! And, even gave way to some sunshine, just in time for the shots in and around the cloisters, which I love so much…happy days!

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Wedding Photography at Seamill Hydro | Gillian & Andy

Wedding no.29 of the year back in August took me off to the Ayrshire coast, Seamill Hydro to be exact, for the third time this year. Funny how things go sometimes…there I am, shooting weddings for about 8 years and not once have I shot a wedding at Seamill…and then three in nearly as many months…go figure, as they say!

Prior to the wedding day, I’d never actually met Gillian or Andy in person, so it was great to finally meet up on the day. I do get asked occasionally if it is actually necessary to meet up before the wedding, or even before booking and my answer to that is always the same – “I leave it up to you”. Life is hectic and even finding a spare hour to meet can prove tricky for couples…and it really is no issue for me if we haven’t met. My style is, for the most part, quite observational anyway, so I only need to know the bare bones of information for the day itself and an email usually covers this off.

Fabulous day all round shooting the guys’ wedding despite the pretty awful weather that consigned us indoors for virtually the full day…boy was I thankfull that Seamill had finally completed the work on the new foyer allowing us to put it into full use for the group shots :-)…very nice it is too.

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Wedding Photography at Dunblane Hydro | Ashleigh & Peter

My first August wedding this year took me off on my third visit this year to the fabulous Dunblane Hydro for Ashleigh & Peter’s wedding. Now, I have this theory that you can often tell how the day’s going to pan out by the “vibe” (if that’s the right word) during the bridal prep sesion that I always start the day off with. It’s always a great opportunity too to meet (as well as the bride who I would usually already have met before), the bridemaids and bride’s parents, plus anyone else who happens to be around as well. So, was I right? Of course :-). Great time shooting the bridal prep and that certainly carried on throughout the day.

Before heading to the Hydro, the cermony took place at the Holy Cross Parish Church in Croy and, if memory serves me right (and I am writing this over two months after the wedding), it was just a touch breezy up on the hill – great for veil shots though :-). Of course, during the ceremony, I’m very much just an “observer” (and picture taker) but there’s always plenty of great moments to observe and shoot, as you’ll see below.

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Wedding Photography at Moorpark House | Hilary & Shane

On the last day of July, I was in the (for me, anyway) strange position of having only one wedding to shoot on a weekend, having come off the back of 6 weddings and a couple of pre-wedding shoots all in the space of just 11 days…phew! Hilary & Shane were married at the exclusive Moorpark House in Kilbirnie, only the second time that I had shot a wedding here, and what a beautiful setting it is :-).

With Shane being Irish, it was great to have so many guests from across the water, and the mix of Scottish and Irish panned out to a fabulous day all round – just looking back at some of these pictures today reminded me just how many fantastic “moments” there were on the day, plenty of smiles and laughter and the odd “arty” shot from me (well, I’ve got to throw a few in haven’t I).

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Wedding Photography at Dunblane Hydro | Karyn & Mau

Back at the end of July, I shot my last ever wedding “triple header”, and the third and last of these took me back to a couple of old “haunts” for Karyn & Mau’s big day…namely St. Alexander’s Church in Denny for the ceremony and then up to Dunblane Hydro for the reception.

Mau is from Mexico and it was great to see a couple of nice little touches such as the Mexican flag flying high outside the Hydro and the tequila slammers for all the guests, that rounded off the speeches :-). The guys met, if I recall correctly, working at Disneyland in Florida and carried the Disney theme through to the wedding day…who knows, perhaps we can even build a customised wedding album with the famous Disney logo on the cover to round things off nicely.

Karyn & Mau, a big thank you for choosing me to shoot your fantastic day. Here’s just a few of my own favourites which I hope you like – click on any image to enlarge.

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