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Wedding Photography at Rufflets St. Andrews : Lucy & Frankie

March is one of those months where the weather can swing either way – I’ve shot weddings in “almost” summer like conditions…and I’ve shot weddings in conditions that, let’s say, aren’t so favourable, this being very much the case for Lucy and Frankie’s big day, with driving rain and bitter cold very much the order of the day. But hey guys, bad weather never got in the way of a good party and all that…

A slightly shorter day for me (with no bridal prep or evening dancing coverage needed), I kicked off at the very picturesque Dunino Church before heading along the road for my first every visit to the impressive Rufflets St. Andrews. Of course, bad weather does often alter some plans for the day, but we did still manage a quick hop outside at the church to get a few quick shots at the wishing stone – thank you guys for braving the conditions :-).

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Wedding Photography at House for an Art LoverLaura & John

So guys, now that the new weddings for this year are slowing down a wee bit, albeit only a wee bit :-), I’m turning my attention back to the old blog and looking to share with you lovely people a shed load of weddings from this year…yes, I kid you not!!! 

Back in February, I was very much honoured to be shooting the wedding of Laura & John at the fabulous House for an Art Lover in Glasgow :-). Honestly, I could spend a lot of time here if I had the chance – such an amazing place both inside and out…and the food (which I am sometimes lucky enough to enjoy as well on a wedding day :-)) is amazing! Just wish I shot here more…

You know, each and every couple have a different agenda for their big day – some like the usual set up of a fair smattering of family group shots and plenty of bride & groom alone shots, while others (as in this case) prefer a more “candid” approach to the day, with just a small amount of time set aside for “posed” (if that’s the right word to use) photographs and the emphasis very much on spending more of the day with family and friends – I’m good with either :-).

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Wedding Photography at Airth CastleKirsty & Robbie

It definitely was a pretty slow start to the year for me this time around, with only one wedding in January and one wedding in February to shoot. It’s not untypical though, with these months generally being my quietest every year…but come March and that’s a different story altogether!!!

So, for February then, I was kind of on “home turf” up at the fabulous Airth Castle for Kirsty & Robbie’s big day. I’ve lost count of the number of weddings that I’ve shot at Airth now over the years, but it’s a few :-), and I can honestly say that I’ve always come away at the end of the day knowing that it’s been a cracking day, and this was no different!

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Wedding Photography at Dalhousie CastleSinead & Adrian

Back at the start of the year, my very first wedding of the year to be exact, I was delighted to be back down at Dalhousie Castle to shoot Sinead & Adrian’s intimate wedding day. Dalhousie was the venue where I shot my very first wedding as an assistant many many moons ago…OK, well about 11 years ago then…and it’s a fabulous place :-).

The guys had kept the numbers to primarily close friends and family, resulting in a very chilled laid back atmosphere to the day, great for capturing loads of candid moments and the like, although we did make time for a short family group shot session plus a few selected bride & groom shots in the frosty conditions! And let’s not forget the owls that are very much part of the furniture at Dalhousie…always guaranteed to provide some “interesting” shots.

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Wedding Photography at the Ghillie DhuKirsty & Trevar

My last wedding of 2017 took me back to one of my favourite venues, the Ghillie Dhu in Edinburgh, for Kirsty & Trevar’s big day. In somewhat of a strange coincidence, my last two weddings of 2017 at The Vu and the Ghillie Dhu, are also the same venues where I shall be shooting my last two weddings of this year, between Christmas and New Year…go figure!

Was great to see a few familiar faces too, as I’d previously shot Kirsty’s sister, Katy’s wedding to Ross a few years earlier, and if that day was anything to go by, I knew it was going to be a good one…and that’s exactly how it panned out :-). December weddings are what they are – you know it’s going to be pretty chilly and dark…I should know as I got married in December myself. But, in many ways, somewhere like the Ghillie Dhu lends itself perfectly to the feel of a winter wedding…just check out that fabulous room!

Being just off Princes Street, I couldn’t let the day pass without having one or two shots dodging traffic on the central reservation, something that I seem to have become synonymous with over the years. My aim is always to try and get a couple of trams passing by on each side but, you know how it is…you wait, and wait, and wait…and in the end just have to settle for buses instead :-). One of these days maybe…

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