A Little About Me

So, where do I start?

Well, I guess one thing for sure is that I haven't been a wedding photographer my whole life. Yes folks, many moons ago, I plied my trade in the not so glamorous world of banking...enough said!

It was my own wedding back in 2007 that really opened my eyes as to what wedding photography could be. My view up until then had been the very staged portraits that I'd seen in my parents wedding album but boy, things had certainly changed since those days.

I'd always had an interest in photography since an early age, mainly photographing planes of all things, trying to gain access to areas at airports where I probably shouldn't have been :-). So that gave me a kind of grounding into all things camera related but weddings, well they're a different bag all together and it took me a few years of second shooting and training before, in 2010 I took the plunge to leave banking behind and start up my own business.

Over 300 weddings later, I'm still going strong and love every minute of what I do.

I'm originally from north London but moved to Scotland in 2002 where I now live just outside Falkirk with my wife and two boys.

When I'm not out shooting weddings or in my office editing, I can mostly be found screaming at the TV watching Spurs, listening to The Smiths and playing guitar...although I use the word "playing" very loosely :-).

I would also love to shoot your wedding!