A Little About Me

I don't want to bore you guys with a hundred and one facts about me and my background - so, to keep it short and sweet, I'm now in my 9th year shooting weddings which makes it about 400 weddings in total...phew! So I guess I must be classed as fairly experienced at what I do...I hope so, at least, LOL.


So, I'm a very easy going, laid back type of guy (most people would say) and that very much suits my style of shooting on the day. If you want someone to boss you around all day, shout orders with a megaphone and do anything (and I mean anything) to get "the shot"...well then I'm probably not the man for you. No. if you don't notice me much on the day, well, that's a good thing in my book.


And, for anyone that is interested in all the facts and the like (not that any of this makes me a better photographer :-)), I'm originally from London but have lived here in Scotland for 17 years now, so please bear with my Scottish banter in a Cockney twang! I support the mighty Spurs...not good for your health! I'm a massive fan of most types of music...no plastic "chart" pop though! I also dabble occasionally on the old guitar (although it sits gathering dust most of the time) and I'm currently learning to speak Greek...for no real reason at all...although it does annoy the wife and kids :-)!


I would also very much like to shoot your wedding day!

We have just received our wedding album, and I have tears in my eyes! Mike photographed our wedding in August 2017, we booked after seeing other reviews on Facebook and an informal meeting at his studio. Mike is an absolute dream. From start to finish, the communication has been faultless. We had a small wedding, but Mike still managed to be slick and at times went unnoticed (in a good way!!!). We would not hesitate to recommend.


Leanne & Sam, The Parsonage at Dunmore Park, August 2017

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