Rock the Frock

The wedding day may be over, but the photos needn't be! Complete your wedding photography experience in style by adding on a fantastic "Rock the Frock" shoot.

Get set to get dressed up again, pick a unique location and create some stunning images, all this without the usual time constraints of the wedding day. How adventurous you are is entirely up to you - some couples prefer to create images similar to their wedding day photos, while others even take the plunge into water, assuming, of course, that we are near water :-).

All the images from the shoot will be hosted in an online gallery for you to view, download and use as you wish. And, if you want to show these off (and why wouldn't you), my lab offers a huge range of wall art options, as well as a varied range of albums.

So, if you fancy getting your hands on some really unique, eye-catching images, then simply contact me today to get the ball rolling. The cost of the shoot, hosting in a personalised online gallery and all the images for you to download is £300.

And, here's the thing, even if I didn't happen to be your wedding day photographer, if you like the sound of this, there's nothing to stop you booking a session of your own so please do get in touch if interested.