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Wedding Photography at the Alona Hotel | Nicola & William

Wedding season really starting to kick into gear now folks and, a few weeks ago, I was out and about with Nicola and William at the Alona Hotel in Strathclyde Park for their big day. First visit for me to the Alona although, as is customary, I had done my usual recce a week or so beforehand, just to get a feel for the place and scout out a few good spots for photography – of course, the weather on the day dictates a lot and best laid plans and all that can easily go out the window on the day…but it helps to be prepared all the same :-).

Fortunately, no weather problems this time around, unless of course you count the glaring sun beating down on us all day long – great for guests but for me, always sends me looking for shade, as no one wants pictures with folk squinting at the sun!

Very much a day for capturing the moment rather than all the fancy bride & groom shoots that I do but, that’s the way I like it, as I want couples to spend their day the way they want to, not the way I want to…my job is to ensure that, whatever you want from your day, the photography reflects that.

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