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Wedding Photography at The CavesKara & Louis

Onwards today with blogging some new weddings, although when I say “new”, I mean “new” to the blog, but hardly “new”, as in I only shot the wedding recently – if only…but I am trying hard to get the blogging more up to date. But hey, it matters not too much when they’re all fabulous weddings to share with you and today, I’m totally delighted to be featuring another cracker…Kara & Louis’ big day at The Caves in Edinburgh’s Old Town.

For anyone that’s never been to The Caves, let me tell you that it is a truly unique venue, built as it is around some of the many caves that run through this part of town…but I guess the clue’s in the title LOL.

Whilst being very unique, The Caves is actually a tricky place to shoot – it’s dark (as you would expect) which requires for the most part using my own lighting to make sure that we can see everyone but…on the flip side, you don’t want to be going and lighting it up like Blackpool Illuminations, as it’s important to keep the dark ambience, so it’s very much a balancing act!

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    Pre-Wedding Shoot at Dollar Glen
    Kara & Louis

    A couple of months back, I was out on yet another pre-wedding shoot…this time with Kara & Louis at the very picturesque Dollar Glen, which the guys had chosen and which also was, unless my memory is playing tricks with me, the very place where Louis proposed to Kara :-). Being the city boy that I am, I kind of wasn’t ideally prepared for the short hike down to the river (although the very name itself “glen” should have told me that we would be going downhill)…a pair of boots rather than a pair of Converse might have been a better choice. But boy was it worth it!

    I do often get asked as to the benefits of pre-wedding shoots – will it make your wedding pictures better…not necessarily. Will it make you feel more comfortable getting your pictures taken come the big day…I think so. Will it get you used to being photographed…absolutely, and that’s a big plus. I see the pre-wedding shoot as a kind of dry run and a testing ground. We get to try out a few different types of shots and you can then tell me which ones you like and those that you’re not so keen on…and that’s a win-win come the big day :-). And, of course, you get to keep all the pictures from the shoot and also have the option of adding on a signing frame.

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