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Wedding Photography at Pratis Barns | Katy & Pete

If you had to pull together a list of “dangerous jobs”, being a wedding photographer would, I think it’s fair to say, not be on that list. But, hold that thought for a second as I can tell you for one that it is actually fraught with danger 🙂 and my latest accident at Katy & Pete’s wedding was there for all, and I do mean “ALL”, to see.

Getting set for the large group shot of all the guests, over 100 of them, yours truly slipped on a railway sleeper, flipped sideways and came crashing down to earth side on, injuring myself  and smashing a £500 flashgun in the process – thank goodness for insurance and back-up equipment is all I can say. Still, needs must guys and sometimes, these things happen trying to get “the shot”.

Katy & Pete’s big day back in October was the first time I’d visited Pratis Barns and what a fabulous setting it is. I shoot a lot of weddings in hotels and bespoke private wedding venues, so it’s great every now and then to do something really different – rustic barns, old world charm and surrounding fields as far as the eye can see…gorgeous!

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