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Wedding Photography at Houstoun House ///Natalie & Robbie

Continuing with my quest to blog all the remaining weddings from last year, today, I’m delighted to be sharing with you one totally fabulous wedding from back in November, namely Natalie & Robbie’s big day at a venue I’ve been to quite a few times now, Houstoun House.

Wedding days are, by nature, full of surprises and those little unscripted moments that you just want to capture. And boy, there certainly was an unscripted moment this time around as I found out when, just by chance, during the wedding breakfast, (a time when I usually take a break), I returned to the room to collect a light-stand, only to find all the guests singing and waving napkins in the air – yes guys, the singing waiters had made an appearance! I quickly grabbed my camera and started shooting :-). Needless to say, neither Natalie or Robbie knew anything about this, so I naturally was none the wiser too – thank my lucky stars for returning to the room!

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