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Have you ever been at a wedding where, suddenly, you wonder where the bride & groom have gone to for so long? Chances are, they'll be off with their photographer on a "long" photoshoot...they might even have been taken off site for some shots too! Well folks, that's not me :-).


My take on things, and I'll stress that this is just my take (as there's really no right or no wrong), is that I want you to enjoy the party as much as possible with your family and friends. So what does that mean? Well, for me it means a very short set of group shots (mainly immediate family and wedding party) and then a short 15 'ish minute bride & groom shoot before dinner and, if you're up for it, an even shorter "after dinner" shoot, where things can get quite dramatic. Most of the time though, I'll just be capturing all the "real" moments from your day...but always doing it with an artistic hat on :-).


I once wrote a piece for the blog about how I shoot the wedding day and you can find that right here along with a few little tips on how to get the best from the day, photography speaking.



My Latest Favourite Shot

Cool sunset yeah?


You'll find a load more on my Portfolio and over on the blog , there are literally hundreds of posts from weddings that I've shot - you might even find one from your own venue (just use the search facility at the bottom of the blog page). Oh, and don't forget my Facebook and Instagram pages that will always contain some really up to date stuff.




So How Much?

Ah, the important question. Pricing varies so widly among wedding photographers from the part-time weekend person charging a few hundred pounds to the global superstars charging literally thousands. The with most things in life...experience and quality. I sit somewhere between the mid to high price end of the market, given that I'm now around 400 weddings down the line (wow, I surpise myself somtimes when I see that number), and I like to think that I'm well prepared for any eventuality come the wedding it's not as though we can do it again if it goes wrong LOL.


My wedding collections start at £1500 for full day coverage, although I do have a cheeky wee discount where you can save between £300 and £500 off the usual cost.


Nothing infuriates me more than visiting a website only to find out that you need to ask for more pricing info, so I don't do that. Just visit my pricing page and you'll see all the info you need including a link to download all my pricing info.




What Next?

I do hope you like what you've seen and heard from me and I guess the next step is to, first of all, check your date availability. I generally book up for weddings about 18-24 months in advance for key Saturday dates, so it's never too early to get in touch. Just drop me a message using the Contact form, tell me your date and venue, and a little bit about your day, and we can take it from there.


I'm a very laid back type of guy and definitely won't be in your face all fact, I've even been called a "photo ninja" on a couple of occasions and I guess that sums up the way I work on the day.


Oh, and I'd love to here from you...

"When your photographer is so amazing that your wedding photos have been featured in Tie the Knot Scotland and on the wedding venue wedding brochure and specifically chosen. as the photos were stunning, you know that you made an amazing choice of photographer! Would highly recommend Mike! We got married may 2018 and I still look at my photos regularly as I love them so much!"


Steph & Adam, Lodge on the Loch, May 2018

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