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Glasgow Street Photography

You know, every now and again, it’s a great idea to break out and try something different, like another genre of photography other than weddings and portraits. The truth is, I love photography in general, not just one specific area, although for business purposes it does help naturally to specialise in one genre, but that doesn’t mean excluding everything else.

So, today, I found myself heading over to Glasgow, albeit the real reason for my trip was to make my regular blood donation…ouch! However, as I knew that I’d have some time to spare beforehand, I took along the old Canon 5D Mk2 (I guess it is old now that Canon have brought out the 5D Mk3!) coupled with a 50mm prime lens to keep things simple. Using a prime is a great discipline; makes you use your feet instead of the zoom ring that you would get on a zoom lens. And I just wandered about a bit, photographing whatever caught my eye. Took about 100 images in total but here’s just a handful that I’ve managed to edit to kick things off. I love these type of images in black & white, just adds that bit more drama in my opinion but, as usual, your comments are very much appreciated.

This is actually a mural painted on the side of this shop just off Argyle Street.

This picture’s rubbish!

This guy was brilliant; check him out on Facebook or Twitter.

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