Pre-Wedding Shoot in Edinburgh | Kate & Iain


April & May were quite a busy couple of months for me on pre-wedding shoots, and the sixth and last of these to be shot (until next month at least) was with Kate & Iain who chose to head onto Edinburgh’s famous Royal Mile for their shoot. Of course, shooting here is not for you if you want to be secluded and away from the crowds…far from it in May! But, there are still plenty of quirky alleys to explore and get off the main drag (so to speak) for a few quieter shots as well as those with the obligatory crowds on the Mile itself.

Kate & Iain, thank you for going along with everything on the shoot 🙂 and I look forward to your big day at Monachyle MHOR in September :-). Here’s just a few of my favourites which I hope you like – click on any image to enlarge.

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