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Pre-Wedding Shoot in East Lothian | Taryn & Ewan

At the weekend just gone, I was very honoured to be at the Ghillie Dhu in Edinburgh to shoot the wedding of Taryn & Ewan, and what a fabulous day it was :-). But, before all that, one very warm day back in July, I found myself heading over to East Lothian – Seacliff Beach to be exact, for the guys’ pre-wedding legal ceremony.

You know, it’s funny but, when I first moved to Scotland back in 2002, I lived in Dunbar, just a few miles down the road, and never knew this beach existed – it’s totally gorgeous and well worth the £3 you need to pay to access it via the private road. And with Tantallon Castle and the Bass Rock in the background, honestly, when you get the right conditions, there are few better places to be.

Sometimes on a shoot, you just find that everything aligns and this was definitely the case here – a fabulous couple, beautiful location and gorgeous weather :-).

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    Pre-Wedding Shoot at the National Museum of Flight:
    Lynsey & Paul

    A few weeks ago, I was very excited to be shooting Lynsey & Paul’s pre-wedding shoot ahead of their big day next month – not only because I LOVE shooting pre-wedding shoots (and weddings too, of course – in fact, everything really), but also because the chosen location was the National Museum of Flight over in East Lothian, home to one of the Concorde’s previously operated by British Airways.

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      Beach Life:
      A Chilly Pre-Wedding Shoot at Yellowcraig

      I’m very drawn to the sea; not sure why, maybe something to with me being a Piscean and all that. Who knows – whatever the reason, I love being by the sea and, even more so, doing a shoot by the sea. So, how very excited was I when Shonagh told me that she and Andrew would like to do their pre-wedding shoot by the sea, preferably somewhere quiet away from the crowds. I know just the place I thought – Yellowcraig over in East Lothian; a bit of trek from Falkirk, granted, but, save the odd man and his dog, about as quiet as you can get for a beach location.

      Funny how things turn out – we could have been at Blackpool today and not seen a sinner; absolutely freezing it is and extremely windy with it – the sort of conditions that no sane person would venture out in – oh, and there’s a hint of rain in the air as well just for good measure. Still, needs must and I’m always up for the challenge, whatever the conditions.

      The great thing about Yellowcraig is that there’s also some nearby woods, adding a bit of variety to the shoot, and that’s where we kick off, sheltered somewhat from the conditions, although the odd rain drop coming off the trees hitting you in the neck is always a bit if a wake up call! There’s definitely no chance of sun today, so for a few of the shots, I make my own courtesy of my off camera flash – looks pretty convincing I think. Then off to the beach and the wind really kicks in, absolutely baltic! But on we venture but I know it must be cold as my face feels like it’s freezing up and even talking becomes difficult – some people might wish that was the case all the time :-).

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