Edinburgh Wedding Photography:
Karen & Gordon at South Queensferry

Ah, second post of the night as we head towards midnight. Honestly, my blog posts are like buses; nothing for ages and then…well, you know. This time, I’m really pleased to feature a few images from Karen & Gordon’s intimate wedding in South Queensferry a couple of weeks ago. Most weddings that I get to shoot are the usual large number of guests and all day format but, every now and then, I get asked to shoot something just that little bit different, such as today – just Karen, Gordon and their three children, with the ceremony at South Queensferry Registrars followed by a few family group shots in and around South Queensferry.

Beautiful day it was weather wise which, for a setting like this, really does make a difference – blue water always looks better than grey (at least it does in these type of images).

Guys, thanks for choosing me to photograph your day. Here’s just a selection of my favourite images.

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