Glasgow Wedding Photography:
Gillian & Paul at the Lynnhurst Hotel

First of a double header this weekend and kicking off over in Johnstone at the Lynnhurst Hotel for Gillian & Paul’s big day. This is about the fourth time I’ve shot at the Lynnhurst which is slightly odd as it’s a fair old distance from where I’m based. I guess the thing is, once you’ve shot a wedding at a certain venue, other couples then see the post on my blog and, if they like what they see, go ahead and arrange to meet and hopefully book – all hail to the power of the web I guess!

Wasn’t so long since we did Gillian & Paul’s pre-wedding shoot in Bellahouston Park and that was a great shoot, so I knew today was going to be a good day and that’s exactly how it panned out. You know, as any photogrpher will tell you, it really makes a difference if there’s that connection with the couple, and it really does show in the end results. In fact, the only concern I have today is with the weather, which is a bit overcast and drizzly to begin with – but, wouldn’t you know it, just as we get to starting the formal group shots, having begun to set up the lights indoors, than the rain stops and outside we go…all fingers crossed. Well it must have worked as the rain holds just until we’re doing the very last outdoor shot, the whole group of everyone at the wedding, and then down it comes again, providing a slightly amusing stampede of a large number of people…and me, well of course I got wet, but that’s my job so no complaints.

Got to say today is one of the best weddings I’ve shot this year; there’s a real feel good factor that just lends itself to great photography, and everyone’s having a great time which I hope comes across in the shots below.

Guys, thank you for choosing me to photograph your big day. The full set of images can be found in the online gallery but here’s a few of my faves.

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