Living With The Lockdown : Week 1

So these are strange times just now guys, I’ve honestly known nothing like it before and, when the dust settles, let’s hope we never see the like again. As you would expect, with weddings not currently permitted, I have a wee bit of time on my hands … if there is such a thing with the kids not being at school that is LOL. So, I thought I’d dust off the old laptop, and just share my thoughts on a few things … mainly wedding related, but not always, just to keep you guys in the loop!

One thing I thought would be good to chat about, given the current situation, is the cancellation (or postponement as that would be more accurate) of weddings which, if you were due to get married in the next month or two, is something that I’m sure you will have been impacted by. Oh, and the by the way guys, I’m talking general here, not just for couples that had booked with me.

I’d only shot two weddings this year when the coronavirus thing started to rear its ugly head. My third wedding, due to take place the weekend before last, had the plugged pulled on it as late as the night before the wedding, which I’m sure must have been pretty traumatic for the couple, but such was the rate of change of the governmental advice that we were seeing just then, hard decisions had to be made and, well, you know, I haven’t shot a wedding since.

A Wee Tip On Rearranging Your Date

Personally, I’ve currently had about ten weddings postponed (mainly for April & May, but some further away), most of which I have been lucky enough to have been available for the rearranged date, but, sadly, a few I have not and have had to part ways. A little tip here though guys as this may help if you’re keen to keep all your exisiting suppliers … when rearranging your big day, try and get a few new alternate dates from your venue, not just one. Picking only one new date will severely limit the chances of all your suppliers being available, especially if that new booking is on a Saturday (or even a Friday or Sunday to a degree). Most good suppliers will already be booked up on Saturday dates later in the year, and even next year, so you may find that you literally have to start all over again with your supplier booking in some cases.

The best case I had earlier this week was with one couple that decided to postpone until next year, but approached all their suppliers (myself included) with about 25 alternate dates (none of which were on a Saturday), checking who was available on each date, the upshot being that there will certainly be one date from the list where all were available – that really is the way to do things, I think at least :-).

Keeping The Wheels Turning

So as I mentioned, without any new weddings, my workload will certainly be a touch lighter over the next few weeks, but I wanted to reassure you guys that I am still very much working, with things like wedding album designs and blog posts … who knows, I may even give the website a bit of an overhaul too! One thing’s for sure though, assuming things are OK by then, with all these postponed dates, the second half of the year is going to be B U S Y !!!

I’m also still very much keen to talk to any couples currently on the lookout for their wedding photographer for next year and beyond and, hey guys, just because we can’t meet in person just now, doesn’t mean that we can’t chat over something like Facetime or Skype … after all, with a lot of rearranged weddings just now, dates for next year especially are a bit more limited than usual, so do get in touch as soon as if you like what you see :-).

Stay safe people and speak soon :-).

A Different Take On Things?

If you’re on the look-out for a wedding photographer (or know someone who is), then you may just like my “ninja style” (a couple’s words, not mine) low key approach to the day! It’s most definitely not your traditional style of wedding photography! Most couples tell me they didn’t even notice me for the majority of the day and that suits me…it is your wedding day after all, not a photo-shoot! But, I will always make time for a very small number of family group shots and also, a short bride & groom shoot and here, it’s my aim to provide you with some truly fabulous pictures :-). To know more about my wedding day approach to how I shoot weddings, just click here.

I’m mainly taking bookings now for 2021, 2022 & even 2023!…but I do have a very limited number of “off peak” 2020 dates still available too (though not many Saturdays!)

Full day coverage collections start at £1500…but don’t forget my cheeky wee discount where you can save up to £500 :-).

Mike :-).


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