The “Primo” Collection…and a wee offer for you!

So last week, I wrote a wee piece about my top of the line “Ultimo” collection and boy, those offer packages were snapped up pretty quickly! But, what if you don’t want a wedding album, or just aren’t sure at this stage if you want one – well, then my Primo collection is the one for you, so here goes…

By the way…just jump down one section for the latest offer…

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The Offer…I Can’t Believe I’m Doing This – Save £500 (at least) 🙂

So I think this time, I’ll get the offer right on the table, rather than leaving it to the end of the post.

The usual cost of my Primo collection is £1500 but, up until Sunday 23rd June (so you’ll need to be quick), I’m able to offer this to you at just £1000, a massive £500 saving! A £300 booking fee is all you need to secure the date.

But, opt for my “earlybird” payment option and you can save even more – it’s kind of a secret but, if you get in touch, I can tell you more about this but let’s just say it’s a decent amount :-).

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The Coverage – What Do You Get?

All my collections include full day coverage, and the “Primo” is no exception. “Full day” coverage, photography speaking, runs from the latter stages of bridal prep through to the first four dances in the evening. Of course, I can start earlier and/or stay later if you wish but, in most cases the standard coverage is usually enough and this will cover bridal prep, groom’s prep (if logisitically possible), guests arriving, bride’s arrival, ceremony, family group shots, bride & groom session, speeches, cake cutting, dancing plus a whole ton of candid shots throughout the day.

I won’t cover too much more in this post as I’ve already written a piece for the blog on how I shoot the day and you can find that right here .

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The Pictures

Once the wedding day’s over, with your permission, I’ll always pop a few quick preview pictures up on my Facebook page for you to have a look at and use as you wish…it’s always nice to have something straight away :-). Then, within a few weeks time, I’ll start working on all the pictures from the day to make them look as good as possible – I call it my “secret recipe” and every photographer will be different in this respect – it’s what make us stand out from each other I guess!.

I’ll always supply you with a minimum of 500 (often more) hi-res pictures which will be presented to you in a personal (password protected) online gallery, which is a great way for you to view all your pictures and also share this with family and friends of your choice. From within the gallery, you can then download and use your pictures as you choose…put them on social media, get them printed, put them on the wall…it’s totally up to you.

Of course, if you would prefer your pictures on a USB stick, then more than happy to oblige :-).

And, here’s the thing, if at any point, and I do mean “any” point, you wanted to add on album…well you can. There’s no time limit – heck, on a couple of occasions, I’ve designed albums for couples four years after their wedding!!!


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A Few More Things You Might Like…

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