Stirling Wedding Photography: Hannah & Iain at The Albert Halls

Well, how time flies, it only seems like a few days since I did Hannah & Iain’s pre-wedding shoot…hang on, it was only a few days ago, three to be precise. For those who read my last post, you’ll be aware that the guys recently travelled up from Wales for their wedding here in Stirlingshire, so we only had a small window in which to cover both the pre-wedding shoot and the wedding…but we did it. And here we are today, their wedding day.

I kicked off today over at some idyllic cottages near Balfron that the family were renting out during their stay. I knew today was going to be a good day and, for me, it started on the right foot as I quickly learned that Hannah’s family were all massive Tottenham Hotspur fans, as I am myself. Hannah even admitted to having slept in a “Tottenham” bedroom when she was growing up…never mind, I can think of worse things…much worse things. In fact, come to think of it, I wished that I’d had a “Tottenham” bedroom when I was younger. Still, at least it was painted blue and not red, that just wouldn’t do!

I digress. With the bridal prep shots in the bag, I headed back to Stirling bound for The Albert Halls, venue for the wedding ceremony. It’s always annoying when you pay to park the car in the street and then find out you could have parked in front of the venue for free…serves me right I guess for not checking there first! The ceremony and everything leading up to it is always pretty hectic for me; you have all the guests arriving, groom to be photographed, bride arriving and then the ceremony itself. I always have two cameras strapped to me at this point of the day, one with a wide lens and one with a zoom – I must look pretty ridiculous; gets the job done though!

For the group and bride & groom shots, we’d decided to head back to Airthrey Castle in the University of Stirling grounds where we had done the pre-wedding shoot. Big thank you to everyone for being so patient while we went through the groups, as there were quite a few to do. We still had plenty of time as well for the bride & groom shots, and the University grounds lent themselves perfectly for this, although I did waste about 10 minutes hoofing it to the other side of the lake so I could get a reflection shot from the other side…sorry about that guys for making you wait around, hope you like the image though.

For their reception, Hannah & Iain had chosen the Birds & Bees in Stirling. I’d only been asked to photograph up to the cake cutting prior to the meal, so we quickly set up the shot before I finished up by photographing the cake and other details for the reception.

Guys, I had a great time photographing your wedding day and I hope you enjoyed the rest of it into the evening. All the images from the day can be found in the online gallery but here’s a few of my favourites.

Up the Spurs!

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