Wedding Photography at Balmule House Gayle & Andrew


For my 25th wedding of the year, I found myself at a new place, which I don’t get too often these days…a sure sign that you’ve been around for a while :-). Balmule House, just outside Dunfermline, was that very place and delighted to be there I was too for Gayle & Andrew’s big day. In actual fact, the wedding was originally to be at a venue where I had indeed shot many times, Solsgirth House but, due to the sudden closer of that venue, the guys had to seek out an alternative.

I guess the one thing that couples always hope for come their big day is some glorious sunny weather, especially in the summer months. But, as any photographer will tell you, bright sunshine can be one of the most challenging conditions to shoot in…sometimes worse even (and this may come as a surprise) than rain! From recollection, this very day was probably one of the hottest, blue sky, cloudless days that we had all year and given these conditions, you’ll often find me running for the shade in order to avoid the obvious squinting into the sun and the “panda eye” look common with the sun high in the sky casting shadows across the eyes!

But, what to do if there is no shade as such…well therein lies the challenge… and in my case, I turn to speedlites (flashguns) set to full power to overpower the bright conditions and create my own light. And yes, of course it probably looks very odd indeed to everyone that, on a bright white day, I’m firing off flashes…but needs must :-).

Anyway guys, photography flash lesson aside, what a fabulous day this was and I’ve got to give a big thank you especially to Gayle for hopping over the wire fence (tricky though it was) so that we could get some shots in the field of daisy’s (think that’s what they were anyway)…I know for a fact that not every bride would have gone for this…me and my crazy ideas eh…but hope you like the shot :-).

Gayle & Andrew, thank you very much for choosing me to shoot your big day…here’s a few of my favourite shots from the day which I hope you all like..PS – best viewed on a desktop (click on any thumbnail to view L A R G E!).

Please all feel free to leave a comment at the bottom, as I love to know what you think…cheers all!

They also served…

Venue : Balmule House
Videography : RPL Weddings
Hair : Sarah Lou Beauty
Make-Up : Louise Ballantine
Piper : Arkleston Piping
Dress : Aimee Bridal
Kilts : A1 Kilt Hire
Cake : Sugarush Bakery
Flowers : Allen’s Flowers
Reception Dressing : LBS Events
Band : Yin Yang Entertainment

Looking for some “Ninja Style” Wedding Photography?

I love shooting weddings and, for the most part, I adopt a “ninja style” low key approach to the day! Most couples tell me they didn’t even notice me for the majority of the day and that suits me…it is your wedding day after all, not a photo-shoot! But, I will always make time for those important family group shots and also, a relaxed bride & groom shoot and here, it’s my aim to provide you with some truly amazing pictures…not just your standard stuff :-). To know more about my wedding day  approach to how I shoot weddings, just click here.

Mike :-).



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