Alloa Wedding Photography:
Leanne & Darren at Gean House

Second wedding in as many days and it’s another warm one; up in Alloa this time for Leanne & Darren’s wedding at the magnificent Gean House. Gean House is a private venue so you’re assured that you get the run of the place to yourself for the whole day…just the way I like it – means I can roam around anywhere looking for photo opportunities. Well, what a great day today turned out to be…

First up, and a godsend from my point of view, was that the ceremony was at the earlier time of 1.30pm, instead of the more usual 2pm. Half an hour may not sound much but, trust me, when it comes to getting all your photographs done, it makes a world of difference, so well done guys for giving me the time to do my stuff. In truth, everyone benefits all round, as there’s no rush to get all the shots done – you can take your time, enjoy the post ceremony drinks reception, have as many group shots as you wish (and we did indeed do that) and then still have plenty of time for those all important bride & groom shots. Many a wedding have I attended where just not enough time is put aside between the ceremony and the reception, and it’s always the bride & groom shots that suffer (sometimes I am left with about ten minutes, which is nowhere near enough). I guess I’ve never understood why, on one of the biggest, if not the biggest, day of your life, couples try and squeeze everything into such a short timescale – it’s your day, you can dictate when you have the ceremony and reception, so why not make it last longer and not feel rushed.

Anyway, enough of that, as we had none of those issues today. In fact, no issues of any kind as far as I could see – this was probably one of the happiest weddings I’ve ever attended, so thank you guys for asking me to photograph it for you and for your input into te bride & groom pictures – Leanne, that was a great idea to climb the fire escape; I’ve got to admit it did cross my mind when I saw it but I’d be reluctant to ask a bride in a wedding dress to go that far!

Guys, here’s a few of my own personal favourite images which I hope you like. The full set, as usual, can be found in your online gallery. Please do leave a comment or two at the bottom of the post if you like these :-).

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