The Edinburgh Portrait Photographer presents:
Ellie & Kenny’s Pre-Wedding Shoot in Leith

You know, I’m definitely going to add Leith to my list of “places to go” for pre-wedding photography shoots. In fact, where would it be on the list…let me think. Well, here’s my current top 5:

  1. South Queensferry – just love it; the two bridges, cobbled streets, boats, piers and more
  2. The Royal Mile – tons of tiny alleyways with bundles of character and atmosphere
  3. Glasgow Botanics – it’s not just all plants and trees
  4. Luss, Loch Lomond – just beautiful, especially when it’s a bit misty
  5. Leith – please read on

So why Leith then? Well, for starters, it has water, plenty of it and I just love shooting next to the water (probably something to do with me being a Piscean). Then we have the mix of old and new – the old docks hinting at better days past set against the backdrop of all the new modern apartment blocks – all great backdrops. Add to this a sprinkle of the quirky and some cobbled streets and there we have it.

So, why am I here? Answer – to shoot Ellie & Kenny’s pre-wedding shoot. The guys are getting married in just a few weeks at Tinto House, which is a new venue for me, so better make sure I head on down there before the wedding for a recce. I always say to couples to really try to throw themselves in to the pre-wedding shoots as much as possible, as it really is the time to try out some stuff that is perhaps a little unfamiliar and, dare I say, may even feel a bit awkward. The beauty of it all is that you can then review all the images from the shoot, pick out the ones you like and also the ones you’re not so keen on, and that can only be of benefit to all come the wedding day. Guys, thank you for throwing yourselves in to the shoot today and I hope you like these few images that I’ve selected. Full set can be found in your online gallery (password required).

Please feel free to leave a comment or two at the bottom of the post – it’s very much appreciated.

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