Rock the Frock Stirlingshire:
Karen & Jaimie

I absolutely love shooting Rock the Frock sessions and today we’re off around Stirlingshire with Karen & Jaimie for their shoot. I don’t do nearly enough Rock the Frock shoots and it’s a real shame, as they come complimentary to all couples who book their wedding photography with me. And what a great opportunity to get your wedding dress back on again (and the guys as well, all suited and booted), and create some really fantastic images without the constraints of your wedding day schedule – in other words, you’re free to do what you like – the more unusual the better really.

Today we kick off over in Loch Ard. I’ve actually shot a wedding on these banks before so I’m pretty familiar with the location. With a few shots in the bag we than just decide to drive and see what transpires, up past Aberfoyle and into the Trossachs, stopping every now and then for a few shoots in some cool locations. I’m told that Karen really wants a shot in the water so eventually we come across a loch that looks about right for just such a shot. Of course, couples never really venture too far into the water, just enough to get their feet wet and enough to create the shot we’re looking for. That said, there’s nothing stopping anyone going in further up to the waist if you choose :-).

The beauty of these sessions is that you just do what you feel happy with – I certainly won’t put you under any pressure to do anything you don’t want to, although naturally I will offer suggestions as to what I think will make a great image.

Big thanks to Karen & Jaimie for going along with my ideas today and for throwing in your own spin on things as well, which always makes for a great session. Here’s a few of my own personal favourites which I hope you like. Also, a big shout out to all the couples whose weddings I’ve shot – if you want to create images like these, just get in touch and we can get your complimentary session booked in. For anyone else, you can also book a session as well for small fee (full details on the website)

Please all feel free to leave a comment or two at the bottom of the post as it’s always very much appreciated. And, what would be really great, is a “Like” on my Facebook page as it’s always fantastic to get new people on board.


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