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Wedding Photography at The ParsonageClaire & Michael

One of these days, I may very well catch up on my blogging! Of course, I’m not complaining too much, as the very reason the blog runs a bit behind is because I’m always out shooting new weddings, and that always takes precedent, naturally. So, in a (probably) fruitless attempt to catch up, here we go today with another wedding from the back end of last year.

Claire & Michael’s wedding took place at The Parsonage last October and will, for very personal reasons (and nothing at all to do with the wedding itself), be forever etched in my memory.

The Parsonage is one of my local(ish) venues and I totally love it…it’s one of those venues where I don’t worry if it rains (not that it did anyway), as there’s plenty of great spots indoors for some fabulous shots…all very grand looking too :-). 

I’ve got to say I absolutely loved shooting this wedding. Some weddings you have to go searching for the shots and others, well, they just seem to happen naturally due to the vibe on the day, and this one certainly fell into the latter. And then, of course, there was the Disney theme as well – pens, hats, cake…probably more things as well that my memory just can’t recollect back to October LOL 🙂 🙂 :-).

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