“Glenskirlie Castle” Wedding : Laura & Derek

Continuing with my adventures in blogland, today I’m very delighted to be sharing with you guys part 2 of my Glenskirlie Castle “double header”, this time around featuring Laura & Derek’s big day, the second of my two visits in a week back in August.

And, what do you know, another fabulous day weather wise … slightly less sunny than last time, but that’s a good thing right! Well, it is for photography anyway. I know, I know … everyone wants a sunny day come their wedding but, in truth, it’s one of the hardest conditions to shoot in … harsh sunlight creates harsh shadows, and that can just look damn ugly at times, so it’s a real battle often to get good evenly lit shots – give me a bit of cloud cover any day of the week … but not rain though LOL.

You know, it’s a funny thing but this was only (I say “only”) my 28th wedding of the year out of 52, despite it already being late August … so nearly half my weddings for the year came in the last few months – it sure was a crazy mental August, September and October – boy do I need these couple of months off just now to play “catch up” and recover :-).

Laura & Derek’s big day was just what I need though through the busy period, a very laid back chilled out day with around 50 fabulous guests – perfect :-). As usual, the pictures can tell the story of the day better than any words I can put down …

Guys, thank you very much for choosing me to shoot your fabulous day. Here’s a few of my favourite shots which I hope you all like.

Looking for some “Ninja Style” Wedding Photography?

If you’re on the look-out for a wedding photographer (or know someone who is), then you may just like my “ninja style” (a couple’s words, not mine) low key approach to the day! Most couples tell me they didn’t even notice me for the majority of the day and that suits me…it is your wedding day after all, not a photo-shoot! But, I will always make time for a very small number of family group shots and also, a short bride & groom shoot and here, it’s my aim to provide you with some truly fabulous pictures :-). To know more about my wedding day approach to how I shoot weddings, just click here.

I’m mainly taking bookings now for 2021, 2022 & even 2023!…but I do have a very limited number of “off peak” 2020 dates still available too (though not many Saturdays!)

Full day coverage collections start at £1500…but don’t forget my cheeky wee discount where you can save up to £500 :-).

And, if you’re reading this post around the time of publication (as opposed to some future date LOL), then I still have one of my 50% discount packages still available where you can save up to £1250 – full details here.

Oh, and please do feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the page, as I do really love to know what you think :-).

Mike :-).


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