“Glenskirlie Castle” Wedding : Linsey & Kevin

Last August was a busy month for me, as it is most years of course with the summer months still pretty much being the most popular for weddings and, for my second wedding of the month, I was back at one of my local venues, Glenskirlie Castle, for Linsey & Kevin’s big day. This was also to be the first of my two visits to the venue within the space of 6 days … so watch out for part 2 on the blog imminently folks!

Entering my tenth year in business, I was reflecting the other day on just how much my photography style has changed over the years, not just on the techincal side but moreso on how I shoot. Looking back on my first few years, I very much followed the wedding photographer guidebook of loads of overly posed, often unnatural looking, awkward shots, coupled with a list as long as your arm of various family group set ups … it’s what I thought you had to do! Latterly though, I’ve come to realise that what I enjoy shooting most of all are real moments and real emotions … and that’s pretty much how I roll these days. Sure, I’ll still do a few family shots and a couple of very short bride & groom shoots but, for about 90% of the wedding day, I’ll shoot it just as it happens … always with an artistic hat on though.

Couples naturally have to “buy in” to the way I shoot and, of course, it won’t suit everyone but, I’m finding more and more these days that couples just want to enjoy their day to the max, without overly long photo shoots, but still have that “accurate” record of the day to look back on … and that suits me :-). Linsey & Kevin were no exception and, alongside all the usual the candid stuff I shot, we still easily managed to fit in a couple of short “bride & groom shoots” before and after dinner, making full use of the fabulous grounds at Glenskirlie without, I hope at least :-), the guys feeling that they’d been “posing” (I hate that word) all day long LOL.

Linsey & Kevin, thank you very much for choosing me to shoot your fabulous day. Here’s a few of my favourite shots which I hope you all like.

Looking for some “Ninja Style” Wedding Photography?

If you’re on the look-out for a wedding photographer (or know someone who is), then you may just like my “ninja style” (a couple’s words, not mine) low key approach to the day! Most couples tell me they didn’t even notice me for the majority of the day and that suits me…it is your wedding day after all, not a photo-shoot! But, I will always make time for a very small number of family group shots and also, a short bride & groom shoot and here, it’s my aim to provide you with some truly fabulous pictures :-). To know more about my wedding day approach to how I shoot weddings, just click here.

I’m mainly taking bookings now for 2021, 2022 & even 2023!…but I do have a limited number of 2020 dates still available too (though not many Saturdays!)

Full day coverage collections start at £1500…but don’t forget my cheeky wee discount where you can save up to £500 :-).

Oh, and please do feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the page, as I do really love to know what you think :-).

Mike :-).


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