Stirlingshire Wedding Photography:
Fiona & Andrew at Dunblane Hydro

Weddings coming thick and fast at the moment and a double header this weekend. Off tomorrow to Balbernie House in Fife but today I’m slightly closer to home in and around Stirlingshire for Fiona & Andrew’s big day. The guys live in Hong Kong so we’ve only met just the once before when they initially booked with me last year. But that’s no problem – in fact, I have done a couple of weddings where I’ve never met the couple until the day itself – so, how do I recognise them you may ask; well, the wedding dress is often a bit of a giveaway :-).

So, to today, and I kick off in Callander, and I think everything’s going to plan as I drive across with plenty of time to spare – oh how wrong can you be sometimes. Just about to head on to the main road into Callander and a police car spins abruptly right in front of me and blocks the road. Imagine my trepidation as the boys in blue step out of their car and start walking towards me. Unpaid car tax? Bald tyres? Am I am fugitive on the run? Perhaps I’ve committed crimes against wedding photography! “Sorry sir, there’s been a bad accident up ahead and the road is closed”. My immediate relief was tempered by the need to seek out a new route, but I guess that’s what sat nav’s were invented for right? I arrive about 15 mins later than planned and slightly less calm than I had been half an hour ago.

The ceremony today is at Callander Kirk and, for the most part, I have to shoot the ceremony from up on the balcony – big shout out to Mr. Canon for producing such a beautiful lens in my trusty 70-200mm f/2.8 as it still allows me to get in nice and close even from a distance and in pretty low light conditions. Then off to Dunblane Hydro for the reception – this place is impressive and the grounds are just beautiful for taking a stroll around while we do the bride & groom shots, even if I was getting slightly agitated that there were a couple of cars parked in front of the hotel that marginally spoilt the shot I was taking of the guys with the hotel in the background – ah well, c’est la vie and all that, can’t have everything I guess.

Fiona & Andrew, many thanks for choosing me to photograph your wedding day and I hope you like the images I’ve selected below for this blog post. If anyone would like to leave a comment or two, you’ll find a place at the bottom of the post. And a “Like” on my Facebook page is always very much appreciated also if you feel the urge.


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