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Exciting news today folks. Just received an email from those good people at Shareaholic who have just launched three new channels – wedding, green living and photography. So, imagine my delight to find out that my blog, yes, this very thing that you’re reading right now, has been chosen as one of the featured sites for the launch – hop on over right now and you’ll see quite a few of my posts scattered around the new channel.

It’s always great to get news like this, as I do often wonder sometimes if all the hours put in blogging are worth it – well, of course they are, although recognition by others is not the main aim of my blog. Primarily, I just want to keep you informed of everything I’m doing and put some kind of human voice to the many many images that are on this site…and I hope I do that, but please tell me if that’s not the case as I’m always open to feedback as to how I can make the blog more engaging for you. By the way, if you like my stuff, why not follow me and receive an email each time I put up a new post – just glance to the right and you’ll see the “Follow Me Guys” link to do just that :-).

“Share the Love”

So, in case you’re wondering who Shareaholic are…well, you see those little icons at the bottom of this post, just there where it says “share the love”, well, that’s what they do, among many other bloggy type things. So, if that’s your thing, be sure to head on over to their site and take a look. And, for good measure, as I’m one of the featured bloggers on the launch, they’ve given me a little badge – just cast your eyes right and down and you’ll see it.

Thanks again guys, much appreciated.


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