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Winner (& 3rd Place as well):
SWPP Beautiful Brides Competition

It’s always great to win things isn’t it – I know, I know, it’s the taking part that counts and all that. Well, of course, it is, but it’s always nice to win as well. So, how delighted was I when I got a call out of the blue recently from the SWPP to advise that I had won their recent “Beautiful Brides” competition from hundreds of entries from photographers worldwide. Now, before you start looking at my profile pic to see how much of a “beautiful bride” I am…it’s a photography competition. Not that I’m saying that the brides in these images aren’t beautiful, they all are, but the competition isn’t based on how beautiful the bride was, more so the impact, lighting, composition etc of the picture.

And then there was the bonus…upon checking the SWPP’s website to see my winning entry in all it’s glory, well,knock me down with a feather, if I only hadn’t come third in the competition as well. My prize, a full years free membership to SWPP and a few bragging rights 🙂

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    SWPP Gold Award Winner:
    The Story Behind the Shot

    Today, I’m especially delighted to announce that one of my recent images has been given a Gold award by the SWPP. Gold awards are only to given to images that are deemed to be of the highest possible standard and are judged by some of the best photographers in the land, which makes this all the more pleasing :-).

    So, a little background behind the image you see below. This was taken on a recent “Rock the Frock” session with Karen & Jaimie and, if I’m being honest, we didn’t really have much of a plan as to what we were going to do that day, other than we wanted to kick off in Aberfoyle and just drive around until we found some cool locations. Karen had seen a previous “Rock the Frock” image of mine where I managed to get the couple to wad into the River Forth, so decided that she would like something similar. Driving around, we stumbled upon this location at the edge of the Loch (please don’t ask me which one as I wouldn’t have the foggiest). The water was shallow enough to wade in far enough for there not to be any shoreline in the shot. To make the shot more dramatic, I underexposed for the sky and hills in the background in order to bring out the detail, and then just lit Karen & Jaimie with an off-camera flash on full power.

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      As Featured On… :
      Shareaholic Channels

      Exciting news today folks. Just received an email from those good people at Shareaholic who have just launched three new channels – wedding, green living and photography. So, imagine my delight to find out that my blog, yes, this very thing that you’re reading right now, has been chosen as one of the featured sites for the launch – hop on over right now and you’ll see quite a few of my posts scattered around the new channel.

      It’s always great to get news like this, as I do often wonder sometimes if all the hours put in blogging are worth it – well, of course they are, although recognition by others is not the main aim of my blog. Primarily, I just want to keep you informed of everything I’m doing and put some kind of human voice to the many many images that are on this site…and I hope I do that, but please tell me if that’s not the case as I’m always open to feedback as to how I can make the blog more engaging for you. By the way, if you like my stuff, why not follow me and receive an email each time I put up a new post – just glance to the right and you’ll see the “Follow Me Guys” link to do just that :-).

      “Share the Love”

      So, in case you’re wondering who Shareaholic are…well, you see those little icons at the bottom of this post, just there where it says “share the love”, well, that’s what they do, among many other bloggy type things. So, if that’s your thing, be sure to head on over to their site and take a look. And, for good measure, as I’m one of the featured bloggers on the launch, they’ve given me a little badge – just cast your eyes right and down and you’ll see it.

      Thanks again guys, much appreciated.

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        I’m in the Top 100 (and No.1 in Scotland)

        Great news everyone – really pleased to announce that my blog has finally made it into the Top 100 UK Wedding Blogs. Been trying to get onto this list for ages and now that I’ve got there, got to keep it there. Your contribution really helps here by adding comments to the blog posts, as...

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          Edinburgh Wedding Photography:
          600,000 Views for One Wedding Image

          Last week, I had the pleasure of photographing Emily and Ryan’s wedding at Edinburgh Zoo. As well as the usual more formal images, the guys wanted to capture some images that encapsulated the feel of the day and, having got married at the zoo, it seemed only right to try to get a few images with some of the animals. A recce beforehand had shown me that this was going to be a bit more tricky than at first envisaged, as the layout of the various cages and pens didn’t lend themselves to include a photograph of the bride & groom. But needs must…

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          • CourtenayApril 24, 2012 - 4:13 pm

            I’m not usually a fan of the set up shot, but this one did make me laugh out loud…a very good spot Mike and a lot of fun…hope the couple appreciated it 🙂ReplyCancel

          • Pollination The Flower ShopApril 30, 2012 - 2:57 pm

            Hi Mike, we are the florists for Emily and Ryans wedding. That is a great shot, just a shame you couldn’t have worked the bouquet in 🙂ReplyCancel

          • Wendy LennoxMay 2, 2012 - 3:55 pm

            OMG I LOVE the creativity in this!! You are amazing Mike.ReplyCancel

          • Mike Cook PhotographyApril 30, 2012 - 11:04 pm

            Hi guys, glad you like the image…sorry about the bouquet 🙁 …must try harder next time.ReplyCancel

          • Pollination The Flower ShopMay 1, 2012 - 11:13 am

            The meercat definitely makes up for it!ReplyCancel

          • Mike Cook PhotographyMay 2, 2012 - 5:03 pm

            Thanks Wendy, really pleased you like it…and for your comment, of course!ReplyCancel

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